House breaking doesn't come naturally.
We offer a very effective and easy to follow house training procedure that is designed to prevent your dog from having future accidents in your home.
The owner not understand why the dog isn't cooperating in many cases. It's best for the owner to call in a professional trainer.
What is Crate Training?
A Crate is a type of enclosure with four sides, a top, and a floor. On one side is door by which the dog can enter and leave the crate. The purpose of crate training is to accustom a dog to its crate so the crate can be used for dog any of variety of different purposes. For example, a crate can be used to:
Transport a pet in the car, a plane, or other vehicle
Contain a pet in a hotel room to prevent it from doing any damage to the room
Serve as a type of doghouse or den for puppy or dog
Protect a puppy or a dog from dangerous household items, such as electrical cords, cleaning supplies, medications and so on
Prevent a puppy or dog from damaging furniture, clothing, shoes, and other items around a home
Reduce the anxiety a dog feels when its owner isn't home
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